D2: Aktivitäten

Dez 2006 Gastvortrag Hellmuth, S. Intonational Word Tone Languages - Anhaltspunkte aus dem ägyptischen Arabisch.
Forschungsseminar Universität Graz.
21. Nov 2006 Gastvortrag Skopeteas, S. Eliciting information structure through production experiments.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Dept. de traduccio i filologia. Barcelona.
Okt 2006 Vortrag Hellmuth, S. Plasticity revisited - the interaction of syntax and phonology in information structure contexts.
Workshop, University College London, Centre for Human Communication.
16. Sep 2006 Vortrag Skopeteas, S. & Verhoeven, E. Yucatec Mayan focus constructions in speech production.
Lancaster University (UK). 2nd Conference on the Syntax of the World's Languages (SWL 2).

30. Aug - 2. Sep 2006

Vortrag Skopeteas, S. & Verhoeven, E. The discourse conditions of focus in Yucatec Maya.
Bremen. Societas Linguistica Europaea, 39th Annual Meeting.
30. Jul - 6. Aug 2006 Vortrag Fiedler, I. Focus Expressions in Foodo.
Konferenz. Ouidah, Benin: 25. Congress of the West African Linguistic Society.
24. - 28. Jul 2006 Vortrag Fiedler, I. & Schwarz, A. Focal aspects in the Lelemi verb system.
Konferenz. Ho, Ghana: The description and documentation of Ghana-Togo-Mountain Languages.
28. Jun 2006 Gastvortrag Fiedler, I. & Schwarz, A. Fokussierungsstrategien in Gur- und Kwasprachen.
Vorlesungsreihe. Institut für Afrikanistik, Universität Leipzig.
7. Jun 2006 Vortrag Hellmuth, S. & Skopeteas, S. Towards a typology of information structure: insights from cross-linguistic data collection.
1st International Conference of SFB 632: Information structure between linguistic theory and empirical methods. Potsdam.
Jun 2006 Gastvortrag Hellmuth, S. Pitch accent distribution in Egyptian Arabic - evidence & implications.
Internes Seminar. Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, New York.
Jun 2006 Vortrag Hellmuth, S. The (absence of) prosodic reflexes of the given/new distinction in Egyptian Arabic.
University of Maryland.
Mai 2006 Vortrag Hellmuth, S. Reconciling pitch accent distribution & the 'unity of pitch phonology' in Egyptian Arabic.
13th Manchester Phonology Meeting (oral), University of Manchester.
Mai 2006 Poster Hellmuth, S. Focus-related pitch range manipulation (and peak alignment effects) in Egyptian Arabic.
Dresden, Speech Prosody.
28. Apr 2006 Vortrag Kügler, F. Interaction of lexical tone and information structure in Yucatec Maya.
Konferenz. La Rochelle, France.: Second Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Language - TAL.
24. Feb 2006 Vortrag Kügler, F. Lexical Tone and Information Structure in Yucatec Maya.
Kolloquium. Lund university.
22. - 24. Feb 2006 Vortrag Dipper, S., Götze, M. & Skopeteas, S. A Typological Language Archive for Researching Information Structure.
Workshop. Universität Bielefeld: the 28. Jahrestagung der DGfS.
22. - 24. Feb 2006 Vortrag Skopeteas, S. Comparative production data in grammatical description.
Konferenz. Universität Bielefeld: 28. Jahrestagung der DGfS.
11. - 13. Feb 2006 Vortrag Fiedler, I. Fokus im Foodo.
Kolloquium. München: Afrikanistentag 2006.
8. Feb 2006 Gastvortrag Skopeteas, S. Passive voice: a cross-linguistic production study.
Kolloquium. Humboldt-Universität Berlin: Strukturelle und psycholinguistische Aspekte des Passivs im Deutschen.
1. - 3. Feb 2006 Vortrag Féry, C., Skopeteas, S. & Stoel, R. Typological data on information structure.
Konferenz. Universität Tübingen: the International Conference on Linguistic Evidence.
23. - 25. Okt 2005 Vortrag Hörnig, R. & Skopeteas, S. Information structure versus salience in spatial descriptions.
Workshop. Delmenhorst: Workshop on Spatial Language and Dialogue.
12. - 14. Okt 2005 Vortrag Fiedler, I. Focus Expressions in Yom.
Konferenz. Bayreuth: Gur Conference: Between Tone and Text.
12. - 14. Okt 2005 Vortrag Schwarz, A. Narrative and Copulative Patterns in the Focus Constructions of some Oti-Volta Languages.
Konferenz. Bayreuth: Gur Conference : Between Tone and Text.
6. - 8. Okt 2005 Vortrag Markopoulos, G. & Skopeteas, S. Dialectal variation in Greek word order.
Konferenz. Corigliano di Otranto: the 8th International Conference.
6. - 8. Okt 2005 Vortrag Schwarz, A. Predication Focus and ‚Affirmative Markers’ in Gur.
Konferenz. Berlin: Focus in African Languages.
12. - 16. Sep 2005 Vortrag Götze, M., Roloff, T., Skopeteas, S. & Stoel, R. Exploring a cross-linguistic production data corpus.
Konferenz. Batumi, Georgia: 6th International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation.
12. - 16. Sep 2005 Vortrag Götze, M., Roloff, T., Skopeteas, S. & Stoel, R. Towards an infrastructure for exploring a cross-linguistic production data corpus.
Konferenz. Batumi: the Sixth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation.
19. - 20. Mai 2005 Vortrag Skopeteas, S. Animacy and given patients.
Workshop. Radboud University Nijmegen: PIONIER workshop on Animacy.
1. Apr - 30. Sep 2005 Vortrag Hörnig, R., Skopeteas, S. & Weskott, T. Räumliche Relationen und Informationsstruktur.
Vorlesungsreihe. Institut für Linguistik, Universität Potsdam.
22. Mär 2005 Gastvortrag Skopeteas, S. & Verhoeven, L. Postverbal argument orders in Yucatec Mayan.
Kolloquium. University of Patras.
3. - 4. Dez 2004 Vortrag Fiedler, I. & Schwarz, A. Focus or Narrative Constructions? Morphosyntactically Marked Focus Constructions in some Gur and Kwa Languages.
Workshop. Amsterdam: Topic and Focus: Information Structure and Grammar in African Languages.
29. Aug 2004 Vortrag Dipper, S., Götze, M. & Skopeteas, S. Towards User-Adaptive Annotation Guidelines.
Workshop. Geneva: COLING Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora LINC-2004.
4. - 7. Jan 2004 Vortrag Skopeteas, S. On the evaluation of empirical methods for the syntax/semantics interface.
Workshop. University of Helsinki, Finland: The Necessity of Experimental Methods in Semantics.
2003 Vortrag Féry, C., Kügler, F. & van de Vijver, R. German Pitch Accents in Focus.
Konferenz. Barcelona: the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences.


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