Current Projects

Section A: Theory development

A1 Fanselow, Vicente The Syntactic Expression of Information Structure and the Architecture of Grammar
A2 Krifka, Repp Information structure in non-assertive speech acts
A5 Zimmermann Focus realization, focus interpretation, and focus use from a cross-linguistic perspective
A6 Müller A constraint-based analysis of information structure in German, Spanish and French
A8 Egg Structuring linguistic information using discourse particles

Section B: Language comparison and language change

B4 Donhauser, Petrova The role of information structure in language change
B6 Wiese The Kiezdeutsch Corpus. Analyses at the Periphery
B7 Güldemann Predicate-centered focus types: A sample-based typological study in African languages
B8 Hartmann, Kleemann-Krämer Grammatical status and pragmatic function of the Nachfeld
B9 Zerbian, Schroeder Prosodic focus marking in language contact
B11 Demske Information Structure and Clause Combining

Section C: Cognition and information structure

C3 Höhle, Adani L1-acquisition of linguistic means to mark information structure: prosodic, syntactic and lexical aspects
C7 Spalek, Wartenburger The effect of linguistic and non-linguistic contextual information on the use of information-structural alternatives in language production and language processing

Section D: Data management

D1 Lüdeling, Stede Linguistic Database for Information Structure: Annotation and Retrieval
D5 Kügler Tonal structure and information structure: Phonetics & Phonology
D6 Koller Structuring information in natural language generation

Section T: Transfer of science

T1 Wiese Modules on Language Variation for Teachers' Education: Dialects, Multlingualism, and the Question of "Correct Language"
T2 Kügler, Stede Informationsstruktur in der Sprachsynthese

Section Z: Central project

Z Zimmermann Central project