Project A6

3rd Phase - A constraint-based analysis of information structure in German, Spanish and French

The current project is a continuation of Project A6 / SFB632 (2009–2011), focusing on new aspects of information structure and covering Romance languages in addition to German. There are three main areas of investigation:

  • Theory and architecture of grammar: Modelling of interfaces between information structure and other components of grammar.)
  • Non-canonical mappings between information structure and grammatical functions: Investigation of thetic/presentational sentences
  • Interaction of frequency/collocational effects with information structure: Focuses on such effects in the context of ditransitive constructions.

Our investigations will be based on naturally occurring data, i.e. corpus studies conducted in parallel for German, Spanish and French. In addition, we are planning to run a self-paced reading experiment in order to test our findings from area #3.

The empirical results will be taken as the basis of modular, multilingual grammar fragments of German, French, and Spanish in the framework of HPSG in which the modelled languages share a common core.

Website of project A6 (3rd Phase)hosted by Humboldt University of Berlin.

2nd Phase - Theory and Implementation of an Analysis of Information-Structure in German with a particular Focus on the Left Periphery

The aim of this project is to develop an analysis of information-structuring in German. In particular, the following phenomena will be considered: Fronting of verb particles and parts of idioms and apparent multiple fronting.

The analysis is to be integrated into an existing Grammar fragment using the framework of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG). A hypothesis which we will seek to verify is that no functional projections are required for the analysis of information-structure and that the properties of the affected phrases can be directly represented by feature-value bundles. The analysis will be computationally implemented.

Website of project A6 (2nd Phase) hosted by Humboldt University of Berlin.

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller

Former Staff Members

  • Felix Bildhauer
  • Philippa Cook


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