Project B2

2nd Phase - Information structuring in Chadic Languages

After the first funding phase, the following research desiderata arose with regard to the Chadian languages:

  • Subject prominence: An explanation of the finding that marking the focused subject is always mandatory. The inversion of focused subjects, which can also be observed in genetically unrelated languages, is of particular interest.
  • Domain Restriction: A fundamental analysis of the restriction of grammatical focus marking to nominal constituents.
  • Information-structural category “Topic”: The investigation of the topic marking and the importance that the topic has in the information structure of the Chadian languages.
  • Areas and typological expansion: expansion of the database to include other Central Chadian languages ​​that have so far hardly been examined in the literature.

1st Phase - Focus in Chadic languages

This project looks at focus phenomena (wh-questions, the distinction into focus and background, presentational and contrastive focus etc.) in Hausa and other Chadic languages. As tonal languages, the Chadic languages form an interesting subject for research into focus because a commonly used means for marking focus in indogermanic languages, namely intonational/ tonal marking, is not available in the same degree due to potential conflicts with lexical tone. As a result, Chadic languages often resort to alternative means for marking focus. Special attention will be paid to the following questions:

  • Does Hausa exhibit - apart from an ex situ strategy - also an in situ strategy (possibly realized through intonation)?
  • What kind of strategies for focus marking are there in other, less well researched Chadic languages?
  • What governs the association of focus-sensitive elements with focus?
  • Is there a relation between the information structure of a clause and its quantificational structure?
  • Do the available data allow for the deduction of typological differences between tonal and accent languages concerning the realization of focus?

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Principal Investigators

  • PD Dr. Katharina Hartmann

Former Staff Members

  • Dr. Andreas Haida
  • Peggy Jacob


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