Section A: Theory development

A1 Fanselow, Vicente The Syntactic Expression of Information Structure and the Architecture of Grammar
A2 Krifka, Repp Information structure in non-assertive speech acts
A3 Mayer Rhetorical structure in spoken language: modeling of global prosodic parameters
A4 Beck Focus Evaluation, Anaphoricity, Discourse Coherence
A5 Zimmermann Focus realization, focus interpretation, and focus use from a cross-linguistic perspective
A6 Müller A constraint-based analysis of information structure in German, Spanish and French
A8 Egg Structuring linguistic information using discourse particles

Section B: Language comparison and language change

B1 Krifka, Hartmann The interaction of information structure and grammar in Gur and Kwa languages
B2 Hartmann Information structuring in Chadic Languages
B4 Donhauser, Petrova The role of information structure in language change
B6 Wiese The Kiezdeutsch Corpus. Analyses at the Periphery
B7 Güldemann Predicate-centered focus types: A sample-based typological study in African languages
B8 Hartmann, Kleemann-Krämer Grammatical status and pragmatic function of the 'Nachfeld'
B9 Zerbian, Schroeder Prosodic focus marking in language contact
B11 Demske Information Structure and Clause Combining

Section C: Cognition and information structure

C1 Kliegl, Fanselow Contextually licensed non-canonical word order in language comprehension
C3 Höhle, Adani L1-acquisition of linguistic means to mark information structure: prosodic, syntactic and lexical aspects
C4 Caroll, van de Vijver Prosody and information structure as forms of "input" in second language acquisition
C6 Vasishth Experimental and corpus investigations of Information Structure in Hindi
C7 Spalek, Wartenburger The effect of linguistic and non-linguistic contextual information on the use of information-structural alternatives in language production and language processing

Section D: Datamanagement

D1 Lüdeling, Stede Linguistic Database for Information Structure: Annotation and Retrieval
D2 Fanselow, Féry, Zimmermann Typology of information structure
D3 Pompino-Marschall Signal parameters connected to prominence and phrasing within spoken utterances in different languages
D4 Kuhn Methods for interactive linguistic corpus analysis of information structure
D5 Kügler Tonal structure and information structure: Phonetics & Phonology
D6 Koller Structuring information in natural language generation

Section T: Transfer of science

T1 Wiese Modules on Language Variation for Teachers' Education: Dialects, Multlingualism, and the Question of "Correct Language"
T2 Kügler, Stede Information structure in speech synthesis

Section Z: Central project

Z Zimmermann Central project