Publications of Project A4

Author Title Published in Volume Pages Year Project Type Link
Beck, S. The Grammar of Focus Interpretation Interfaces+Recursion=Language’?: Chomsky’s Minimalism and the View from Syntax and Semantics 2007 A04 Book Chapter
Beck, S. Intervention Effects Follow from Focus Interpretation Natural Language Semantics 14 1-56 2006 A04 Journal Article PDF
Beck, S. Focus on Again Linguistics and Philosophy 29 277-314 2005 A04 Journal Article
Beck, S. Quantifier Bound Readings of Anaphoric Presuppositions Sammelband des Semantiknetzwerks 2005 A04 Book Chapter
Beck, S.; Kim, S.-S. Intervention Effects in Alternative Questions Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 2006 A04 Journal Article
Beck, S.; Vasishth, S. Multiple Focus Journal of Semantics 2009 A04 Journal Article
Elbourne, P. The Semantics of Ellipsis Approaches and Findings in Oral, Written and Gestural Language 63-110 2005 A04 & ISIS Book Chapter PDF
Elbourne, P. Presuppositional Demonstratives Linguistics and Philosophy 2005 A04 Journal Article
Kasimir, E. On ’nicht...sondern...’ (contrastive ’not...but...’) Working Papers of the SFB632 107-152 2006 A04 & ISIS Book Chapter PDF
Kasimir, E. Question-Answer Test and Givenness: Some Question Marks Approaches and Findings in Oral, Written and Gestural Language 1-52 2005 A04 & ISIS Book Chapter PDF
Sauerland, U. Don’t Interpret Focus: Why a Presuppositional Account of Focus Fails, and How a Presuppositional Account of Givenness Works Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 9 370-384 2004 A04 Conference Article PDF