Publications of Project C4

Author Title Published in Volume Pages Year Project Type Link
Carroll, S. Salience, awareness and SLA Proceedings of the 8th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 2006): The Banff Conference 17-24 2006 C04 Conference Article
Carroll, S.E. Segmentation: learning how to ’hear words’ in the L2 Speech Stream Transactions of the Philological Society 102 227-254 2004 C04 Journal Article PDF
Carroll, S.E.; van de Vijver, R.; Sennema, A.; Zimmer-Stahl, A.; Aydemir, E. Prosodic prominence in broad focus: Does it facilitate word learning? Generative Approaches to second Language Aquisition (GASLA) 2004 C04 Conference Article
Kügler, F.; Féry, C.; van de Vijver, R. Pitch accent realization in German Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 15 (ICPhS 15) 1261-1264 2003 A01 & C04 & D02 & D05 Conference Article PDF
Sennema, A.; van de Vijver, R.; Carroll, S.E.; Zimmer-Stahl, A. Focus Accent, Word Length and Position as Cues to L1 and L2 Word Recognition Approaches and Findings in Oral, Written and Gestural Language 183-198 2005 C04 & ISIS Book Chapter PDF
van de Vijver, R.; Sennema, A.; Zimmer-Stahl, A. An analysis of pitch and duration in material used to test L2 processing of words Working Papers of the SFB632 209-221 2006 C04 & ISIS Book Chapter PDF