International Conference on Information Structure 2006

Information structure between linguistic theory and empirical methods

6 - 8 June, 2006 at Neues Palais, University of Potsdam

Conference booklet: Download

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Conference Posters

A1 Fanselow, G. The Grammar of Focus Interpretation Download
A2 Endriss, C. & Hinterwimmer, S. Interpreting topics in quantificational structures Download
A3 Jasiskaja, E., Kölsch, U. & Mayer J. Anaphora resolution in discourse: The role of pitch range and pause
A3 Jasiskaja, E. Pragmatics and prosody of implicit discourse relations: The case of restatement Download
A4 Kasimir, E., Şahin, Ö. & Böhme J. Beyond topic and focus: Extraposition in Turkish Download
B1 Fiedler, I., Reineke B. & Schwarz, A. Focus in Gur and Kwa Download
B2 Hartmann, K. & Zimmermann, M. Focus in Chadic languages
B4 & B1 Petrova, S. & Schwarz, A. Discourse structure and information packaging in cross-linguistic perspective Download
B4 & D1 Donhauser, K., Hinterhölzl, R., Petrova, S., Solf, M., Stede, M., Dipper, S., Götze, M. & Ritz J. Information structure and word order in the early Germanic languages and its analysis in a linguistic database Download
C1 Hörnig, R., Weskott, T., Kliegl, R. & Fanselow, G. Contextual licensing of marked word order in spatial descriptions Download
C1 Hörnig, R., Weskott, T., Kliegl, R. & Fanselow, G. Structural markedness and structural facilitation in comprehending descriptions of unknown and known spatial layouts Download
C3 Schmitz, M., Höhle, B., Berger, F., Müller, A. & Weissenborn, J. Recognition of the Prosodic Focus position in German-learning Infants Download
C4 Sennema, A., van de Vijver, R. & Zimmer-Stahl, A. The influence of focus markers on word processing and word recall in a second language Download
C4 van de Vijver, R., Sennema, A. & Zimmer-Stahl, A. An analysis of pitch and duration of experimental material Download
SFB 441 - C2 & D1 Chiarcos, C. Sustainability of linguistic data
D1 Demo Stede, M., Dipper, S., Götze, M. & Ritz, J. ANNIS: A linguistic database for complex multilevel annotation Download
D2 Hellmuth, S. & Skopeteas, S. Information Structure in the project languages of D2 ‘Typology of Information Structure’
D2 Wang, B. & Féry, C. Split-noun sentences in Mandarin and in German: production and perception’ Download
D2 Van Hoof, H. Information structure in Dutch Download
D2 Hellmuth, S., Medvedovsky & Skopeteas, S. Information structure in Englisch Download
D2 Asatiani, R. Information structure in Georgian Download
D2 Hellmuth, S., Moczko, K., Pankau, A. & Skopeteas, S. Information structure in German Download
D2 Georgakopoulos, T., Kostopoulos, J., Markopoulos, G. & Skopeteas, S. Information structure in Greek Download
D2 Tronka, K. Information structure in Hungarian
D2 Morimoto, Y. Information structure in Japanese Download
D2 Menezes, C. Information structure in Konkani Download
D2 Singer, R. Information structure in Mawng Download
D2 Thériault, A. Information structure in Québec French Download
D2 Chi, T. S. Information structure in Prinmi Download
D2 Quesada, D. Information structure in Teribe Download
D2 Kügler, F., Skopeteas, S. & Verhoeven, E. Information structure in Yucatec Maya Download
D3 Pompino-Marschall, B. Tone, intrinsic f0, and intonational focus marking in Chichewa
D3 Janneda, S. Prosodic edge marking in Ewe Download